Passive Optical LAN: The Value in Enlightening Your Network

Passive Optical LAN: The Value in Enlightening Your Network

With the significant increase in technological innovation, there is an industry need to make a shift to a high-performance LAN that can keep pace with today and tomorrow’s innovations. With traditional copper-based LANs, companies are risking functionality, cost and scalability issues. The answer is Passive Optical LAN (POL). Industry decision-makers are turning to POL for their new builds and network upgrades, as it is the only solution that makes sense to deliver immediate and long-term value to an organization.

In fact, APOLAN has determined the top five reasons enterprise, healthcare, government, hospitality and education facilities and campuses are turning to POL to bring this value to their organization.  APOLAN provides details on these top benefits in the news announcement, “APOLAN Unveils the Top Five Reasons Passive Optical LAN Brings Value to New Builds and Network Upgrades”.  Click here to view the release in its entirety. In no particular order, they are:

  1. Capex and Opex savings: POL lowers initial capital expenses but also reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the network.
  2. Reduced Space Requirements: Reduction in floor space lowers operating expenses by reducing overhead costs, as well as increases infrastructure design options.
  3. Future-proof Infrastructure: As a single-mode fiber (SMF) infrastructure, POL virtually future-proofs a network.
  4. Network Service Convergence:  POL enables all services to be delivered across a single infrastructure, eliminating the need for multiple platforms while providing highly scalable high-speed data services to all users.
  5. Military-Grade Security: POL is a proven, highly secure technology designed to deliver the highest level of protection.

The need for a reliable and secure infrastructure is possible with POL. Those that have already adopted the technology, are experiencing long-term savings by reaping the benefits of a converged, future-proof network infrastructure.

This “enlightened” network delivers incredible perks like flexibility, low-touch control, and cost savings just to name a few. Through its network of experts, APOLAN is the source for all things optical LAN. APOLAN is the first and only organization with sole focus on the technology with a member portfolio that spans the entire POL ecosystem.  For more information about becoming an APOLAN member company visit:

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