Passive Optical LAN provides long-term benefits at senior living community

Passive Optical LAN provides long-term benefits at senior living community

A recent article from Cabling, Installation & Maintenance showcases a senior living community that relies on Passive Optical LAN.

Williamsburg Landing, a life plan community in Williamsburg, Virginia, invested in a fiber-optic network extending voice, video, and data throughout the 137-acre community using Passive Optical LAN. “Its completion signified a turning point in the delivery, maintenance and ownership of technology services by providing immediate access to technologies capable of enhancing senior independence while reducing current and future capex and opex costs,” APOLAN member company Qypsys explained. “Today, our intentions regarding lower opex and capex costs associated with the deployment of the robust passive optical LAN have been validated,” the company continued. “More importantly, it has helped reduce costs to residents and provided a pathway for technology to flourish.”

You can read the complete article by visiting the CI&M website.

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