APOLAN 2019 Member Award Winners

Meet This Year’s APOLAN Award Winners

Innovation, Education and Promotion of Passive Optical LAN in Action!

The benefits of Passive Optical LAN (POL) continue to make it a no brainer decision for companies that do their homework. This line up of this year’s APOLAN Award winners is another example of this momentum. Highlighting the innovation, education and promotion driving POL to the future, POL success was on full display at BICSI 2020.

Two 2019 APOLAN Awards winning projects highlighted Innovation in POL by meeting technical challenges unfathomable in the past.

One of these as was the “World’s Largest Remote Powered POL Network, Fort Belvoir, US Army.”  This project was led by Alpha, an EnerSys Company, with supporting company Tellabs. With this project, Fort Belvoir became the largest deployment of remotely powered POL in the world. Of many results, the improved efficiency of the remote powering solution (92 percent vs 70 percent for local power alternatives) is resulting in lower energy consumption of the facility.

Another winner for Innovation was the project “In-building 10G PON and Wi-Fi”

managed by Nokia. This is the industry’s first deployment of XGS PON in student housing. In addition to 10G PON connectivity, Nokia’s ONTs in this deployment provide Wi-Fi that offers wireless connectivity within the living unit as well as community Wi-Fi throughout the property.  Leveraging 10G PON technology to provide in-building connectivity in student housing is an innovative approach that illustrates how prevalent and cost-effective 10G PON technologies are becoming.

The industry momentum has been driven by dedicated companies that contribute to the education of POL and its benefits, helping people see the light.

APOLAN awarded Qypsys, with supporting member company Corning, for their efforts on industry education for their “Fiber to the Room Cost Analysis” project. Qypsys, with a group of technology consultants and integrators, conducted a network cabling and transport technology study to analyze the cost of deploying a passive optical network in the hospitality setting.

APOLAN also recognized Tellabs for its “5-day Optical LAN Deployment and Support Certification Training for Veterans.” Tellabs provided a gratis five-day Passive Optical LAN Deployment and Support Certification training class in Sterling, Virginia for veterans transitioning from active duty. We thank you, both Tellabs and our veterans, for your service.

And, without promotion, nobody would be aware of all the great innovations and quantifiable benefits that POL is bringing to the world. For promotional support of the industry, APOLAN awarded three winners.

APOLAN recognized Alpha, with supporting member companies Tellabs and OCC, for the “OLAN Seminar Series.”  Alpha, OCC and Tellabs collaborated to create a three-city roadshow to demonstrate the benefits of POL, including techniques and best practices for cabling and remote power.

Another winner for promotions was Tellabs for its “Passive Optical LAN video series.” Tellabs developed professionally produced videos created following the Challenger (CEB) Sales Method, which is a sales approach tailor made for selling complex technical solutions. Video content like this is essential to attract, engage and convert customers from traditional network design to Passive Optical LAN.

And finally, Corning was also recognized for its “Building a POL Technology Showcase – Corning Optical Communications Division’s New HQ.” Corning’s Optical Communications Division officially moved its headquarters from Hickory, NC to Charlotte, NC in August of 2019. During the building design, a commitment was made that its new building would be a technology showcase for its In-Building Network solutions, including a POL passive infrastructure.

For a complete outline of each of these winners can be found here.

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