A Closer Look at Passive Optical LAN’s Synergy with Wireless Innovations

A Closer Look at Passive Optical LAN’s Synergy with Wireless Innovations

Wireless was a winner in APOLAN’s 2020 Member Survey, coming in as one of the top three benefits of Passive Optical LAN (POL) adoption. This comes as no surprise as we know POL’s synergies with wireless is a top consideration for decision makers as they to turn to this next-generation infrastructure for their LAN upgrades and new builds to ensure greater speeds and bandwidth.

As awareness increases and the myths and facts about and the benefits of POL become increasingly clear, POL is recognized as the obvious option to support the wireless industry as it continues to grow and change with increasing bandwidth needs and lower latency requirements. POL rises to these needs by exceeding the high throughput and connectivity demands of today’s mobile environment. This includes serving the needs of high-traffic and high-density areas with Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, which uses more spectrum and more channels to achieve higher over-the-air speeds and support a large number of users in a small area, many with multiple devices. There is also the advancement of 5G putting pressure on U.S. carriers to use more spectrum, including Wi-Fi for faster data.

All these demands highlight the fact that copper-based LANs will not stand up to the challenge. The best infrastructure investment for wireless will have to be the best option for voice, video, data, security, building automation, Wi-Fi and other network services as a fiber infrastructure is the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solution for all. In fact, the recent APOLAN Passive Optical LAN Cost Comparison Study found that POL delivers up to 56 percent cost savings over traditional enterprise networks.

The right fiber-based network backbone is key to delivering converged wired and wireless network solutions. For both new builds, replacements and upgrades, POL’s use of singlemode network fiber cabling inside buildings and across extended campuses delivers optimal synergies with the evolution of wireless standards, networks and innovations and makes the building’s network ready for virtually any current needs and future advancement.

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