Passive Optical LAN Transforming ICT in Health Care

Passive Optical LAN Transforming ICT in Health Care

In a recent article published by BICSI magazine ICT Today, John Hoover (APOLAN Board Director and Tellabs Marketing Director) writes that healthcare facilities have undergone rapid changes in recent years with a focus on digital transformation taking center stage. New technologies are being introduced to the market to enhance digital critical care, mobility, internet of things (IoT) and smart buildings. To keep pace, the healthcare industry must continue to innovate and embrace new ways to deliver the best care to patients. Therefore, many smart hospitals and healthcare service facilities are turning to passive optical LAN (POL) technologies to meet the high-bandwidth and high-availability demands of life-saving services now and into the future. Passive optical LAN technology is the network alternative to meet and exceed the needs of ambulatory, behavioral, critical access, hospital, laboratory and long-term healthcare facility applications for the next 30 years and beyond.

You can read the complete article from BICSI magazine ICT Today by clicking right here.

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