Passive Optical LAN helps void the network security pitfalls of 3 next-gen technologies

Julie Ritzer Ross, Contributing Editor of Hospitality Technology, wrote in a recent article titled “Avoiding Network Security Pitfalls of 3 Next-Gen Technologies” the following:

“…Hotel operators might also consider opting for fiber-based passive optical LAN rather than a copper-based LAN infrastructure. According to the Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), copper LANs can span a distance of only 300 feet, so network access points for copper LANs can be placed no more than 300 feet apart. Passive optical LANs can span much greater distances (up to 12.5 miles), reducing the number of vulnerable access points to which hackers have access. Additionally, the optical network terminal component of passive optical network infrastructures store do not store configuration or user information and require no physical management access. This adds another layer of security not possible with copper networks…”

At APOLAN we agree 100%!

You can read the complete Hospitality Technology artcle right here.

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