Winning the Bandwidth Battle

“Hotels not only need more bandwidth to cover guest demands, but operations increasingly call for more capacity. To address this, Saybrook recently upgraded again to an all-fiber network with a 500 Mbit connection from Comcast to handle all business and guest connections,” writes Tammy Mastroberte in an article for Hospitality Tech.

“Hotels have traditionally used copper-based local area networks (LAN) to meet guest and back-office connectivity needs. However, copper has limited bandwidth and with the rapid growth of demand each year, it is getting harder for copper networks to keep up. Fiber networks, although originally thought to be more expensive and more difficult to install, are gaining a new reputation.

The installation of fiber has become easier over the past decade, and fiber has greater strength than copper so you can pull it harder and connectors can be put on faster,” says Hoover, explaining hotels also need to use less of it. “It’s a point to multi-point so one fiber can hold 128 GB compared to one copper that can hold 1 GB.”

Read the full interview here.

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