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From enterprise and university campuses to healthcare and government facilities, there is a growing demand for buildings that deliver more than just a four walls and a ceiling.  Smart buildings improve productivity and the well-being of occupants, as well as deliver energy efficiency and sustainability for years to come.  These constructions must have the right network backbone (also known as the local area network, or LAN) to accommodate advanced building functionalities that will withstand the test of time.

Whether the building provides high-bandwidth communication services, sophisticated air quality monitoring, light and thermostat control, innovative security applications, or next-gen building management operations, long-term success relies on a building’s LAN.

Traditional active copper-based LANs cannot keep up with the bandwidth and reliability requirements of smart buildings. This outdated technology requires significant energy, power and cooling needs that hinder sustainability metrics and standards, including LEED and the Green Globe certification, a global certification for sustainable tourism. However, there is a LAN technology that can deliver both the high performance and the green benefits required by the modern enterprise. It is passive optical LAN.

Passive optical LANs offer a simplified and sophisticated network backbone that delivers virtually unlimited bandwidth and superior availability, with little energy and cooling requirements.

Touted for its future-proof capabilities, passive optical LAN converges all services across a single infrastructure. It seamlessly delivers highly scalable and high-speed functionality to support data, voice, video, wireless access and monitoring services. And when it comes to low power, by its very nature passive optical LANs removes all power requirements from the building aggregation portion of the network and requires less power due to lower equipment needs. This has a ripple effect to other in-building features, including power distribution and switchgear, power conversion and air conditioning cooling.

The capabilities of passive optical LAN are limitless. Access our resources and videos pages to learn more about how this technology enables building owners, developers and IT professionals to deliver the green, high-performance network for the modern enterprise.

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