Passive Optical LAN: The Perfect Partner for the Internet of Things

Association for Passive Optical Lan

“By the nature of its size, the Internet of Things requires a shift in the local area network landscape. The sheer number of products and gadgets that companies are integrating into their daily workflow to do everything from increasing productivity to keeping customers happy is staggering. To meet those demands, organizations must have a network backbone that can be future proof. It must be flexible, scalable, and secure. It must also serve the bottom line by being cost effective — while avoiding being a burden on a physical plant. Only passive optical LAN fulfills these needs. While the closest competitor, legacy copper-based LAN, may have been a viable alternative decades ago, it is far too bulky, insecure and costly to compete with the ever-increasing requirements of the IoT.”


Read the full article written by John Hoover here on IoT Innovator.



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