The Need for Passive Optical LAN Networks in Healthcare

In his article published on, Cemil Canturk writes:

“The proliferation of medical and non-medical applications brings new challenges for the “business as usual” approach of IT implementation in healthcare facilities. The IT networks in these facilities are under increased pressure from patients, guests, physicians and devices, demanding advanced connectivity. The use cases are broad and extensive for healthcare facilities.

For example, medical staff require quick and secure networks that allow for the collection, storage and access of high resolution images, the distribution of patient medical information and real time collaboration. There is also the need for connected medical devices, deployed all over hospitals, and new applications, such as real-time location services (RTLS), integrated security and energy tracking and AV systems, that provide information on available services. All these applications require connection to a high-speed network.

…With so much “more” needed, it’s time for a network solution that is purpose-built to meet this demand. Passive Optical LAN (POL) is ideally suited for all types of healthcare facilities, from small clinics to specialty and large corporate hospitals. It allows healthcare facilities to achieve improved efficiency at lower cost, green buildings and more efficient spaces by providing a future-proof and high-speed infrastructure.”

Read the full article here.

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