The Hospitality Market’s Enlightened Path to Guest Satisfaction


Forget the complimentary breakfast. For the modern traveller, the biggest expectation in hotel and resort amenities is reliable and secure Internet connectivity. From streaming their favorite shows to video teleconferences with colleagues or family, the demand for high-bandwidth services is only growing as innovations evolve.

On the other side of the check-in counter, the business side of the hospitality market requires a robust network that can accommodate massive throughput of data, including hotel reservation and billing systems, as well as streaming surveillance and building automation services.

So, here is the question for the hospitality industry. How can you take care of the connected traveler from both sides of the counter? The answer is simple. The solution is having the right local area network (LAN) infrastructure in place.

Traditional copper-based LANs are outdated. The simple fact is that hotels and resorts cannot rely on this antiquated technology to accommodate and keep up with growing connectivity demands needed to conduct a successful daily operations and ensure guest happiness.

There is an enlightened patch to guest satisfaction – it is passive optical LAN.

Passive optical LAN offers unmatched benefits to the hospitality industry that copper cannot match.

  • Cost savings – generates lower capital and operational expenses, due to reduced equipment, lower maintenance needs and provides significant energy savings.  Passive Optical LAN is also impervious to salt-water, increasing the networks life span for beachside hotels and resorts.
  • Security – offers government-level security
  • Reliability – delivers up to five nines of availability, versus three nines of availability with copper, gaining important hours/year of no unplanned downtime
  • Bandwidth – offers virtually unlimited bandwidth that accommodates both  data-heavy applications as well as Wi-Fi connectivity to guests
  • Network simplicity – expends the network across large hospitality complexes with minimal equipment required
  • Revenue-generating opportunity – eliminates the need of telecom closets, with little space requirement, creating  the opportunity to reallocate space for additional rooms that can accommodate guests.

Passive optical LAN offers the future-proof infrastructure that better supports both ongoing operations and the emerging services that guests demand. Learn more about how passive optical LAN supports the hospitality industry needs here.

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