How future-proof fiber-based IT infrastructures benefit municipalities

Dustin Bateman is the Director of Emerging Technology at VT Group, and a member of APOLAN Technology Committee, and was recently featured in an extensive article published by American City and County magazine. In the article, Mr. Bateman explains how in today’s information technology (IT) environment, city and county governments are facing complex decisions to meet evolving technology demands. IT professionals are tasked with ensuring that network infrastructure is simple, secure, and scalable, all while meeting the needs of city or county programs, such as traffic systems and emergency operations centers. A traffic system should work flawlessly without constant oversight and an emergency operations center should be rapidly deployable during extreme weather to support emergency responders. To support these programs with more reliable connectivity, some decision-makers in local governments have begun to rely on the benefits of installing Passive Optical LAN (POL).

You can read the complete article by visiting the American City and County website.

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