The Future Needs Passive Optical LAN

“With the increase in IoT and mobility, the demand for connectivity will continue to experience unprecedented growth in enterprise environments. This is creating a timely need to re-evaluate the network backbone technology options that can support today and tomorrow’s needs. Passive Optical LAN (POL) is the solution, delivering significant benefits beyond anything a traditional copper-based LAN can deliver,” writes John Cook in his article for IT Pro Portal.

He explores the top five benefits of POL as identified by an APOLAN member survey. They are:

  1. Tangible contributions to environmental green initiatives
  2. Reduced spacing requirements
  3. Superior scalability and availability
  4. Time-saving opportunities to IT teams
  5. Lower capital and operational costs

“These benefits are why APOLAN members are focused on formulating solutions on how best to market, install, educate, and support this burgeoning field. More specifically, POL technology is the first major revelation in the cabling infrastructure world in more than a decade. This technology significantly reduces energy costs and heat loads, size of communications rooms, and eliminates the need for expensive copper cabling and traditional active Ethernet switching. ”

Read the full article here.

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