Choosing a smarter LAN option for smart buildings in the 21st century

In a blog for Lightwave Online titled “Choosing a smarter LAN option for smart buildings in the 21st century“, Mario Blandini, head of global marketing at DZS and marketing chairman for the Association for Passive Optical LAN writes:

‚ÄúRepeating designs that have proven to work over decades is sensible, but is it the smartest choice? Fiber cabling infrastructure is not new. It has existed about as long as LANs have been common in buildings. For much of that time, however, a total fiber-based solution has been a higher cost choice and therefore adopted only where bandwidth requirements could not be satisfied using previous choices. Having passed the 1/6th mark of the 21st century though, choosing a fiber-based LAN (Passive Optical LAN) solution is now lower cost to implement and operate”

Blandini then states that 2019 has the makings for a shift in momentum for Passive Optical LAN, as POL is supported by the smart building movement and driven by several trend, such as:

  • SaaS
  • Data Growth
  • Internet of Things
  • Density
  • Investment Protection

You can read the complete blog by visiting the Lightwave Online website.

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