APOLAN Ambassador Insights for the ICT Community

“The ICT community is full of innovative people who envision a better, smarter, more efficient spectrum for a more connected future.” This was the pointedly accurate introduction from former Virginia Governor, U.S. Senator, APOLAN Global Ambassador, and VT Group Advisor, George Allen’s BICSI Winter Conference Opening Keynote Address.

If you missed this event, BICSI attendees enjoyed key remarks made by Gov. Allen, making a parallel connection between how the ICT Community is leading the way in the evolution of POL and connected technologies, and the challenges, benefits and lessons learned from his success in the political arena. From his early experience in sports, and then in the political arena, Gov. Allen acquired a unique perspective on how important it is to embrace innovation and creativity, while pushing teams to adapt, evolve and succeed.

What would happen if the ICT industry looked to sports to solve today’s pressing challenges? This includes building a winning team through strong spirit, understanding the principles of fair play, hard work on-and-off the field, keeping the score to understand wins and losses, and developing a tradition of winning. The two arenas are not so different when this perspective is taken.

There are a lot of good lessons one learns from football.  Teamwork.  Preparation.  You get knocked down… you get back up.  You adapt, you innovate, and you keep moving forward.  One thing one learns from team sports is it didn’t matter where someone was from. All that mattered was whether or not they can contribute to that team effort; whether they could block or tackle or catch or pass or kick or punt.  And indeed, it was a level playing field and everyone had that equal opportunity.

According to Gov. Allen, this is what the ICT industry should aspire to. To make sure every person, no matter their background, based upon their own hard work, their ingenuity, their creativity, their diligence, that they have that equal opportunity, that level playing field to compete and succeed and reach as high as their own talents will bring them.

Expanding on the similarities, the Super Bowl MVP of technology is taking fiber all the way to the edge and offering unique and better power solutions that save money, space, and operational costs, that will grow year over year. Passive Optical LAN (POL) networks are a key, simple, proven way to operate more efficiently.

By focusing on the best and smartest ways to stay ahead is to be ubiquitously connected to information, content and communications by leveraging opportunities in IoT. There are several reasons to invest in technology infrastructure and the IoT, including the ever-increasing dependency upon technology for doing our jobs; access to information; and market demands.

What are Gov. Allen’s top two insights for the ICT industry?

 1) Keep Fighting One of the most difficult things everyone has to learn is that you must “keep fighting” your entire life. Every day is a fight of some type. No matter who you are or what your position, you must “keep fighting” for whatever you desire to achieve.  Work hard and watch the good things happen. BICSI and the ICT community as a whole consistently look for better ways to get a competitive edge.

2) Understand the REAL challenges: To overcome adversity you must understand the true the barriers to success. Gov. Allen outlined the following challenges, that once conquered can open up immense opportunity.  They are:

  • Lack of imagination. Some people and “old dogs” like doing things the same old way
  • A vested interest in the status quo can create barriers
  • There will be consumers and businesses that are early adopters, while others wait for more proof of concepts
  • Cyber security – an increasing concern



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