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The Association for Passive Optical LAN is a non-profit organization composed of manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and consulting companies who are actively involved in the Passive Optical LAN marketplace. Our members support the growth and education of the Passive Optical LAN industry and are focused on formulating solutions on how best to market, install, educate, and support this burgeoning field.

Our Mission

The Association for Passive Optical LAN advocates the education and global adoption of passive optical networks for the local area network marketplace.

Board of Directors

  • Board Chairman: Paul Mills, Excel Networking
  • Director: Alan Bertsch, Qypsys
  • Director: Roland Feldman, DZS
  • Director: Matt Miller, AECOM
  • Director: Brian Hardy, ITConnect
  • Director: Dave Kiel, Corning
  • Director: John Hoover, Tellabs


  • President: Thomas C. Ruvarac, Tellabs
  • Vice-President: Open
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Gypsy Sonny, Qypsys


The Association has currently organized our members into four Committees focused on a variety of activities.

Membership Committee:

  • Alan Bertsch (Qypsys)
  • Jerry Hogan  (Solara Technical)
  • John Hoover, Chair (Tellabs)
  • Brian Hanson (Alpha)
  • Jason Holroyd (Excel Networking)
  • Roland Feldman (DZS)

Technology Committee:

  • Brian Hardy, Chair (ITConnect)
  • Blaine Overstreet (AECOM)
  • Bob Basile (Corning)
  • Brett Glisson (Qypsys)
  • Chris Ennis (Nokia)
  • Dustin Bateman (VT Group)
  • Jerry Hogan  (Solara Technical)
  • Jimmy Gagnon (EXFO)
  • Lonnie Barrington (DZS)
  • Matt Miller, Secretary (AECOM)
  • Mike Watts (Noovis)
  • Brian Hanson (Alpha)

Marketing Committee:

  • Alan Bertsch (Qypsys)
  • Kevin Borders (Alpha)
  • Cemil Canturk (Nokia)
  • Joe Cook (OCC)
  • Gayla Arrindell (Corning)
  • John Hoover (Tellabs)
  • Shawn Taylor Zelman (VT Group)

European Committee:

  • Paul Ryan, Chair (Temple)

Asia-Pacific Committee:

  • Leon Zhang, Chair (Huawei)
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