21st Century Connectivity in Schools, Academies and MATs

In his article published on Education Executive (EdExec), Joe Cook, IT Connect’s national accounts manager and one of APOLAN’s marketing committee members, discusses the ways in which APOLAN is bringing 21st century connectivity to schools, academies, and MATs.

Cook explains, “IT managers and infrastructure directors are constantly pressed with a need for greater bandwidth, security and connectivity. There’s a constant cry from students, faculty and administration for ‘more bandwidth’ and a need for a scalable solution which is robust, reliable and reduces the pain points often felt in an active ethernet environment.”

And, this pressure is going to increase exponentially: “Alternative teaching and learning methods, combined with the internet of things (IoT) in the classroom and on campus, exacerbate these pain points daily. A recent study from Gartner found that there were an estimated 8.4bn connected ‘things’ in 2017 and they anticipate this will increase to 20.4bn by the year 2020!,” writes Cook.

Passive Optical LAN (POL) is the best solution. Cook writes, “When POL is deployed over a fiber optic infrastructure it is often considered ‘future proof’ because the fiber utilised is capable of almost unlimited bandwidth, requiring no upgrade for decades.

POL infrastructure can significantly cut costs for schools, academies and MATs; it eliminates the need for a recurrent budget for a network infrastructure refresh, which is routinely required by copper-based networks. It also reduces the physical footprint of the network.”

Read the full article published on edexec.co.uk

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