10 Benefits of Passive Optical LANs for Enterprises

“The ongoing digital transformation within enterprises is putting increasing pressure on IT executives to get more performance and bandwidth; greater security, scalability and reliability-and, of course, lower costs of the enterprise network infrastructure.”

“The leadership of the Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN) not surprisingly sees passive optical LAN (POL) technologies as the answer to those needs.”

“10 benefits compiled by APOLAN that are persuading major enterprises to adopt passive optical LAN for their infrastructures” include:

  1. Cutting Costs
  2. Powering It Down
  3. A Network Space Server
  4. More Scalable and Available
  5. Up and Running Faster
  6. Faster Path to Certification
  7. Getting Ready for 5G
  8. More Future-Proofing
  9. The Long Run
  10. Making It Green

Read the full article published on eWeek.com here.

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